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dy5topia is my submission for “DYSTOPIAN WORLDS: a deadmau5 x Core Collab Jam.” The jam objective was to create a dystopian world using Core.


There are no specific objectives, although I would encourage you to use your imagination and create stories around some of the things you see and hear in this scene (For instance, what happened to the man in front of Tech Thrash? Why is a woman trying to meditate outside in the rain? What are the three women in front of the holo-terminal looking at (or for)? How is a person’s Life Value (LV) calculated?).

Core Community Assets

Special shout-out to the creators of these assets, which were heavily featured in this level: Abandoned Gas Station, Basic Walking NPC, Cartoon City Skybox, Deadmau5 Helmet, Cyberpunk Buildings


WASD, mau5look for camera

Install instructions

Download dy5topia


The link above contains download links for both the (free) Core client, and the game dy5topia.


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